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Options to get your SCC results ASAP

About 30 years ago DHI started to offer Somatic Cell Count testing as an option. This was the beginning of a trend to find more ways to use the milk sample taken on test day to reduce cost, improve convenience, and add value to the service. More recently DHI has taken the next step in ‘udder health’ testing by introducing the Mastitis 3 (M3) service.

While the SCC service provides the raw cell counts and generates reports for individual cows and the herd as a whole, the Mastitis 3 test is looking for contagious pathogens which could be the underlying cause to the elevated SCC.

To help you make management decisions, these services need to get the results back to you as quickly as possible. As an alternative to the traditional postal service we have adopted many of the newer technologies to speed up the turn around time from testing back to farm.

Options for the return of SCC results include: Reports fax, Internet Reports, and the SCC Alert option with text messaging to your cell phone or e-mail. A brief description and cost of each delivery option follows, in order by speed of delivery. Of course, good old Canada Post continues to be an option.

SCC Alert – Text messaging: The SCC Alert process matches the DHI lab file with the test day file sent by the field staff and creates a list of the 7 highest raw SCC cows in the herd. This is then sent to your cell phone and displayed as a text message. Complete reports follow via mail or on the internet. A no-charge service, however, your cell phone provider may levy text messaging charges.

SCC Alert – E-mail: Follows the same process as the text messaging but sends the raw cell counts for all cows in the herd to your e-mail account. Complete reports follow via mail or on the internet. Both of these options are automated and provide very quick turnaround of results. No charge service.

Internet Reports: As the reports are printed for mailing they are posted to the DHI website and can be accessed from the internet by you or your advisor, via passcodes. We send you an automated e-mail letting you know that the reports are available for your viewing. The reports are identical to the reports you are used to receiving in the mail. No charge service.

Reports Fax: After the herd reports are printed and before they are mailed, the reports can be faxed to you. This option is slower because the herd information must have gone through the processing steps (calculating lactation totals, BCA, etc.), and herd reports printed, before they can be faxed to you. It does involve some labour so it is not as fast and carries a cost. On the plus side, you receive complete reports, including SCC percentage contribution to the tank, etc. Cost is $7.50 per test.

Note: If all of your reports that are normally mailed are set up for Internet Only delivery, there is a $2.00 per test credit applied to your account.

Delivery options for the Mastitis 3 results include mail, fax, and e-mail/internet. Both the producer and their Veterinarian will receive a copy of the M3 report and the delivery method will be set up for each persons requirements. Whatever method is selected please make certain that the contact information is correct.

Mail: The default method if no other option is available. No charge service.

Fax: Many veterinarians prefer this method because its fast and they are able to quickly get back to the farm for consultation if necessary. No charge service.

E-mail/Internet: After the reports are generated the producer or veterinarian will receive an automated e-mail saying the results are available on the CanWest DHI website. The reports can then be accessed from the internet in the same manner as the regular herd reports. No charge service.

Please contact the Customer Service Desk at 1-800-549-4373, or ask your Customer Service Representative on test-day about any of the above speedy delivery methods.

Article from the March 2011 Ontario Catalyst