Mobile DHI

Herd Records on the Go

Mobile DHI is the convenient way to view your Lactanet test day results including:

  • Production
  • Reproduction
  • Herd health
  • Cow and heifer lists
  • Profile pages for individual animals


Simple: Quickly review vital information on your herd through over 25 different key parameters. With colourful graphs, and easy swipe navigation, Mobile DHI makes it easy to keep tabs on all your animals.

Customizable: Within your cow and heifer lists, Mobile DHI allows you to customize which data fields you would like to see and can be based on the management information relevant to you. Sort by repro status, DIM, SCC, milk value, and many more.

Secure: All of the herd data comes from your Lactanet test day data, which is stored on our secure server. Even if you break or lose your phone, your information can be quickly recovered.

Search: Find cow and heifer data easily. Look up individual animals or sort heifers and cows into lists (for example, find all highest contributing SCC animals).

Direct Link: Each animal has direct links from their profile on Mobile DHI to their profiles on the Holstein Canada and Lactanet (formally CDN) network, making it easier than ever to look up pedigrees and make breeding decisions.

Accessible: Multiple users can be set up to access your herd data. Your advisor team can also use Mobile DHI to check up on your herd between visits.

Test Day Data: Check results for MUN, Ketosis, pregnancy, and SCC. Also view production history, milk value, BCA’s, due dates and much more.

How to get Mobile DHI

1. Download Mobile DHI to your phone. Available for both Android and Apple customers.

2. Simply contact Lactanet to enroll. Monthly fee applies for use. Login details will be given to you.

What Mobile DHI Users Are Saying

"It gives me the complete information I need on a cow or heifer right when I need it. Not having to go back to the computer is a huge time savings for me." Adam Herrington, Breakaway Holsteins, Brighton, ON

"We use Mobile DHI as the quick, go-to resource for production and herd information. It provides an easy format to see which cows are the highest producers, and equally important in making decisions, which ones are the lowest." Andrew Campbell, Bellson Farms, Strathroy, ON

“When the breeder comes, I can quickly look up all the pedigree information at cow-side. It’s also super helpful that it’s direct linked to Holstein Canada." Colin Lake, Rawdon View Farms, Stirling ON

“It’s a quick and easy way to access my herds’ information so I can make decisions on the go. The information on my herd dashboard is customizable so I can see the data points that are the most important to me”. Adam Petherick, Almerson Farms, Campbellford ON

"It’s very handy to have cow and heifer information with me at all times. While I am waiting or have a minute to spare, it’s great to check in with my herd on the phone”. Dylan Stewardson, Stewardson Dairy, Thedford, ON

"The Mobile DHI App allows me to have the latest test day data at my fingertips when making cull decisions, meeting with the nutritionist or vet to look at the graphics denoting herd trends, and to compare notes with staff and consultants about areas to work on. Easy to use and visualize!" Harm Kelly, Kelly Creek Dairy, Dunnville, ON

"It’s a great tool to have in my back pocket.  I can find any cow information from breedings, production, and genetics to test day results right on my phone. The graphs from all test day summaries can easily help me track progress or problems." Lorenz Guntensperger, Guntensperger Dairy Inc, Seaforth, ON

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