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DHI Top Managed Herds

Top Managed Herds of 2017 Announced

CanWest DHI and Valacta are proud to recognize excellence in dairy herd management by releasing the Canadian top 25 herds based on the 2017 Herd Management Score results. The evaluation was done at the national level amongst a total of 7,500 herds.


DHI, CDN & Valacta Partnership

A Progressive New Partnership

CanWest DHI, Canadian Dairy Network and Valacta are pleased to announce an agreement in principle for a progressive new partnership in the dairy industry. The three industry partners are planning a transition that would lead to a unified market presence and joint management of producer services over the coming year. The new partnership will be governed by a producer-driven governance structure to be finalized and approved by members and owners.


Tools for traceability

Tools for Traceability Compliance

Whether you prefer paper record-keeping or DairyComp software for your herd management needs, DHI has updated our current product offering in order to make Traceability recording and reporting as easy as possible.

With validation for the Traceability component of the proAction program beginning in September 2017, herds are expected to maintain on-farm recording of certain information, and then report that information to the national database within the expected timeframes.

First Step:

How Can DHI Help with RECORDING?

We have updated both our paper and electronic methods of on-farm recording to meet the requirements of Traceability.

DairyComp Users

For those preferring electronic recording, DairyComp herd management software will have all the required fields of information for you to be FULLY COMPLIANT.

Non-DairyComp Users:

The DHI Logbook will provide a paper-based alternative. The most recent version of the Logbook captures all required information and allows you to be FULLY COMPLIANT.

Second Step:

How Can DHI Help with REPORTING?

Some of the details on how to report to the national database are still being defined.

DairyComp Users

We fully anticipate that on-farm DairyComp software will be able to report electronically to the national database, as long as there is an internet connection to your DairyComp computer. The process will be fully automated and allow you to be FULLY COMPLIANT.

Non-DairyComp Users

We will report on your behalf the Traceability related information we collect through our routine milk recording service. However, this process is NOT COMPLIANT since some of the information must be reported within 7 days of the event and DHI service frequency will not fit to meet that particular requirement. Therefore, producers will need to have other means of reporting those events (web, phone, fax, etc.).

More Information on REPORTING

Details regarding the various options that will be available for REPORTING are yet to be finalized by the National Traceability Administrator for Dairy. Because of that, if you are not fully REPORTING by September, you will receive a ‘not applicable’ score on your validation, and you will still be able to achieve proAction registration. However, at some point in the not too distant future, once all reporting options are defined and available, you will be required to do REPORTING of all information, within the required timelines.

Have Questions?

Please contact your provincial producer organization for more information on the proAction Traceability program. Follow this link for proAction Traceability resources.


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