Board of Directors

Lactanet Canada has a producer-driven governance structure consisting of up to eleven board members. Six of these members are appointed by the organizations that provide dairy herd management services, while one director is appointed by each of Dairy Farmers of Canada, Holstein Canada and Semex Alliance, all of which are also governed by Canadian dairy producers. The Board may also have up to two external members, recommended for their particular expertise.

Lactanet Board of Directos

The Lactanet Board of Directors (from left to right): Mr. Yvon Boucher (QC), Mr. Gert Schrijver (AB), Mr. Tom Pasco (ON), Mr. Pierre Lampron (QC), Ms. Barbara Paquet (QC), Mr. Matt Flaman (SK), Mr. Ed Friesen (MB), Mr. Korb Whale (ON), Mr. Gilles Côté (QC) and Mr. Harm Kelly (ON).

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