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Dairy Comp Tips & Tricks

Handy advice for using your Dairy Comp Herd Management Software

                                                         FALL 2015

Ketoscreen results now being loaded
 into Dairy Comp after each test day

For producers that have signed up for the Ketoscreen test,      For Dairy Comp users, the following commands will be auto
you will have the ability to view and monitor the results in    added to your cowfile:
your Dairy Comp program. This feature has been added over
the summer so it will require Dairy Comp Scout or 305 users     BHB14 = PCT BHB>14 for BHB>0 FDAT>-365 by MOFSH \BL
to run a program update via the internet.
                                                                BHBYDIM = GRAPH BHB BY TDY1 MOFSH for FDAT>-365\BL
Once your software program has been updated, your normal
test day information download will import the Ketoscreen        BHBBYMF = GRAPH BHB BY MOFSH LCTGP FOR FDAT>-365 \BL
results along with the regular test day information, like milk  (see graph below)
weight, somatic cell count and milk components. The item to
store the Ketoscreen result is called BHB and will auto added   The commands can be added to the menu if you choose.
to your cowfile along with an item called TDY1 which stores     You can also type the command name on the command line
DIM on the first test date.                                     for quick access.

The value for BHB will be stored as a whole number up to        By adding the Ketoscreen results into your Dairy Comp
250. So for example a cow with a Ketoscreen test result of      program, you will have more tools at your fingertips to make
0.05 mmol\L will have a BHB = 5. A cow with a Ketoscreen        better use of this Ketosis screening tool. We recommend
test result of 0.29 mmol\L will have a BHB = 29. Also,          working with your advisor team to get the best interpretative
keep in mind that results will be loaded for a cow’s first      value of your Ketoscreen results.
Ketoscreen test only as long as the test occurs prior to 42
DIM. Ketoscreen test results collected in the first 42 days in  Do not hesitate to contact Dairy Comp support team if you
lactation will be the most valuable to you.                     have any questions on getting Ketoscreen results loaded
                                                                into program and how to access reporting or graphs of your
For SCOUT users these new items can be added to test day        Ketoscreen data.
reports along with the item TDAT1 (first test date) to help
group cows by BHB in early lactation as well as group by        Ketoscreen test results will be available to advisors
when the Ketoscreen test in early lactation was completed.      that use Dairy Comp very soon, please stay tuned.
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