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How to Ensure Accuracy in Your DairyComp Program

One beneficial feature of DairyComp for users that are on a milk recording service is a backup of data
collected and entered into your software on farm can be taken by field staff and loaded on test day. This
transfer of information into the DHI system makes for a very efficient process of getting information into the
DHI data processing center.

With this data transfer process in place, it does require that the data at the farm and in the data processing
center is always synchronized.

Before test day information is submitted and processed, data goes through a verification check against
data already in the processing center, as well as Holstein and the coloured breed herd book. Verification
does find data errors from time to time. The errors that are found are most often caused by the following 2
entry errors:

•	 Mistyping of numbers (lactation number, registration number) or dates (fresh, dry, date entered herd)

•	 Purchased animals entered into the herd with incorrect data or missing data

When these data errors arise, you are contacted by the DairyComp Support team with a description of the
data update required. It is IMPORTANT that these data changes in your DairyComp software are made for
the following reasons:

•	 Ensures data quality and accuracy is maintained not only in the data processing center, but also in your
     DairyComp program

•	 Future test information will be processed more quickly because the data errors fixed in the past do not
     have to be revisited on the next test. If the changes are not made in your file, your herd will stop every
     time delaying milk test results.

Consider the above if you receive a call from DairyComp about your data and make the changes when
necessary. Do not hesitate to contact our Support team if you have questions about data quality of changes
that have been forwarded to you.

                             DairyComp Support: 1-800-549-4373 or
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