DairyComp Herd Management Software


Complete Herd Management Software

DairyComp is the industries’ most advanced herd management software. With unlimited analysis and reporting capabilities, it is a complete decision-making tool for dairies of all sizes that helps you make the best possible decisions.

The DairyComp Advantage

This powerful farm management software is capable of tracking over 200 items per cow. DairyComp has all the necessary tools to track herd information pertaining to production, health, reproduction, genetics, and more. The program can be tailored to analyze your information in the format you prefer and can create many reports and action lists based on your own specifications, like daily or monthly. DairyComp can interface with most third party software to incorporate the comprehensive data collected from them, including milking and activity monitoring systems.


  • Current: Tailored specifically to the Canadian dairy industry, DairyComp makes it simple to meet Canadian herd management requirements, like the proAction initiative.
  • Flexibility: Fully customizable program that can be adapted to any herd size or management style. Generate reports and lists based on the criteria of your choosing.
  • Speed: Quickly record and retrieve information. This program greatly reduces time spent entering duplicate and repetitive data entries.
  • Compatible: DairyComp can be interfaced with your DHI information, many different on-farm milking systems, and other software like activity monitoring systems.
  • Information: Retrieve unlimited information on each animal, including previous lactations, DHI test data, production and reproduction records.
  • Health Analysis: Easily enter diseases and treatments, create and print vet lists, and analyze trends or patterns in occurences.

Software Versions

DairyComp 305

  • Our most popular software version, DairyComp 305 currently monitors over 200,000 cows in Canada
  • Can be integrated with DHI testing, on-farm milk meters, and other farm software
  • Customized to-do lists and report summaries
  • Advanced tracking for production, reproduction, herd health, etc.

DairyComp LS (Limited Size)

  • Affordable choice for smaller herds
  • All of the same great features of DairyComp, except it is limited to a maximum capacity of 150 adults cows plus young stock

Software for Advisors

DairyComp Advisor

  • Herd consultants can enter herd data for clients, making consulting and support more productive and efficient.
  • Perfect for accessing vital information from multiple client herds.
  • Allows complete access to DHI herd information, heifers, lactation information, components, reproduction, etc.

DairyComp Analyzer

  • DairyComp Analyzer provides all of the same features as the Advisor version, however, you cannot enter herd data.
  • Provides everything from basic lists to in-depth report analysis.

Companion Products

Pocket CowCard

Expand the functionality of DairyComp 305 on your farm through a mobile device with Pocket CowCard. You can access all your DairyComp information  through Android or Windows devices. Carry your management lists and all animal information with you on the go. Take Pocket CowCard to the next level by opting for the data-entry option and enter health information, vet check results and more, which can then be synchronized with your DairyComp program. There are multiple package options available with PCC. You can opt for read-only, read and write data entry option, or read and write with RFID tag scanner.


This software was created by the developers of DairyComp. FeedWatch is a feed management software that optimizes the complete process from purchasing, to mixing, to intake, and to income over costs analysis. For more information on FeedWatch, please visit our Feedwatch page.

Getting Started with DairyComp

Contact the DairyComp team today to learn more about how to get started with this software for all your herd management needs.

Toll Free: 1-800-549-4373

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