DHI component testing

SCC, MUN & Component Testing

Where do your lab results come from?

For DHI and non-regular DHI herds, individual cow milk samples can be analysed on a per-test basis for Fat, Protein, and Somatic Cell Count (SCC), as well as Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN), Johne's, Leukosis and Mastitis. Results are returned to the producer directly from the lab, or faxed to your vet's office or other source.

Somatic Cell Count (SCC)

Individual cows are analysed for SCC levels. The report also lists the individual cow linear score and summarizes results on a herd trend basis (DHI herds only). Non-DHI herds receive raw lab results. Copies of the results can be sent directly to the nutritionist, advisor, or herd veterinarian.

SCC 101 - Understanding the basics

Options on getting your SCC results back ASAP



Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)

MUN analysis involves measuring urea levels in milk which is a useful tool for managing and optimizing a feeding program. For information on measurement uncertainty data associated with testing, please contact Deb van de Water at (519) 824-2320 Ext. 408. For pricing and more information regarding lab services or other CanWest DHI products and services, please call our Customer Service Desk at 1-800-549-4373.

Accredited Testing Status and Test Methods

Where Your Lab Results Come From

The particular lab your test results come from is dependant upon the provincial location of your farm.

Ontario Farms

Guelph Testing Lab ,Guelph, ON

Manitoba Farms

MFC Testing Lab, Winnipeg, MB

Saskatchewan Farms

Central Milk Testing Lab, Edmonton, AB

Alberta Farms

Central Milk Testing Lab, Edmonton, AB

British Columbia Farms

Pacific Milk Analysis Lab, Chilliwack, BC


Johnes, Leukosis and Mastitis3 tests are performed in the Guelph Lab only at this time. Each of the above labs is fully accredited by Standards Council of Canada for the testing services they offer. For more information and details specific to your report, please contact the appropriate Lab Manager.

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