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Company Profile

Mission: To be the leading provider of herd management solutions and knowledge to support the development of a prosperous and sustainable Canadian dairy industry.

Vision: To be the premier source of information and innovative solutions for dairy farmers and industry partners.

Core Values: Innovation; Integrity; Excellence; Engagement and Expertise.

Who We Are
Lactanet Canada is a producer owned organization, providing innovative dairy herd management and genetic services to more than 10,000 dairy farm customers and professional advisors throughout the country. We are a national organization created by a partnership of Canadian Dairy Network (CDN), CanWest DHI and Valacta providing all components of genetic evaluation, milk recording (data collection, lab analysis, data processing, etc.), herd management software and solutions, applied research and innovation, advisory services, knowledge transfer and traceability.

Lactanet employs close to 500 people, with most of them based in the field close to our customers. Lactanet is governed by a board of directors that may have up to 11 members, all of whom are dairy producers.

Our History
CanWest DHI was established in 2004 as an alliance of Western Canadian DHI Services and Ontario DHI. A unified board and single administrative structure supported the delivery of DHI services to herds across five provinces. The board of directors was made up of licensed producer delegates from each province to provide direction and input from across the region. Primary services included publishable and management milk recording services, herd and feed management software and support, and health testing diagnostics.

As laboratory technology advanced, CanWest DHI expanded its service offerings so that customers receive an increased amount of information from their milk samples. Advancements in testing equipment also meant a quicker turnaround time for reports and information to be sent back to producers. Health testing services have since grown in popularity among producers. These newer analysis options include testing for milk urea nitrogen, Johne’s Disease, Leukosis, milk pregnancy, clinical mastitis and ketosis. With continued research, even more sample analysis options are on the way.

From the western region, three labs provide milk sample diagnostics and test about 3 million samples annually. The labs are located in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Both the British Columbia and Alberta labs also provide payment and quality testing services for the regional milk marketing agencies.

Lactanet Canada

As this partnership evolves, a wide range of integrated services will be developed and offered to Canadian dairy producers.

Currently, these services are offered to producers (though some may not be fully available across Canada as of yet):

  • Milk Recording
  • On-Farm Advisory Services
  • Knowledge Development & Technology Transfer
  • Data Processing & Information Transfer
  • Genetic Services
  • DairyTrace
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