BVD Test

BVD testing is done using routinely collected milk samples. For most herds, a group screening test is the best option.

Using DHI milk samples, producers have the ability to:

  • Screen adult milking herd with the sensitive PCR test, through pooled samples
  • DHI lab will sub-sample cows into Group pools (up to 250 cows maximum)
  • The Group pool(s) will be tested by PCR. If Positive, customers will be notified immediately and provided the option to test individual cows by ELISA. This process avoids the testing of all individual cows and is a very cost effective way to routinely screen the adult herd for PI animals.
  • Test selected cows with the cost-effective ELISA antigen test using the regular DHI sample (cows only need to be tested once in their lifetime). Possibilities include: All cows when PCR group screening result is Positive; Purchased cows.

A copy of the test results will automatically be sent to your herd veterinarian.

BVD milk test press release

BVD Factsheet

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