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Connecting dairy farmers with innovative herd management solutions is what we do. We've developed new tech-tools and improved features of some of our very best applications to help your herd reach its full potential. Let our technology serve you and discover our latest and greatest applications and features. To learn more, please watch the video.

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Characteristics of High Performing Herds – DairyComp 305

In a webinar held April 2021, Jeromy TenHag and Dr. Ewen Ferguson discuss the characteristics of a high performing herd using key production benchmarks.
Let technology serve you and explore how to use #DairyComp​ for better herd management by watching the relevant webinar in your location:

Ontario Herd Data

Western Herd Data

Canada Among the First to Introduce Feed Efficiency

This week marks an important highlight in the history of dairy cattle improvement services in Canada as Lactanet introduced the first genetic evaluations for Feed Efficiency in the Holstein breed.



View Resolutions Submitted from Dairy Producers

To ensure dairy producers and the Canadian dairy industry at large are supported for a sustainable and thriving future, we have launched a new website that hosts non-binding Resolutions. The Resolutions have been submitted by licensed dairy farmers to Lactanet for consideration by our National Board of Directors. Join us for the presentations of the Resolutions that will be held on-line on Wednesday March 31, 2021 at 1:00 PM (EST).

View the list of Resolutions and check out our new site here: https://lactanetresolutions.ca/

For more information, see our Media Release.



Space Still Available for the 'Master Your Feed Margin' Workshops

Managing your feed costs, knowing how to calculate your feed margin, and monitoring your results, impacts your return on investment.
We have limited space still available for the virtual 'Master Your Feed Margin' workshops. Click the video above to learn more.

Click on the registration form below for the details in your province.



Alternatively, you can also register through your Lactanet Customer Service Representative or call our Customer Service Desk at 1-800-549-4373.

Thank-You to the WestGen Endowment Fund, Farm Credit Canada and EastGen for sponsoring this event.

Master Your Feed Margin

Managing your feed costs, knowing how to calculate your feed margin, and monitoring your results, impacts your return on investment. To learn more, click here to watch a recording of our latest webinar.


2020 Top Canadian Managed Herds

Lactanet Canada has unveiled Canada’s Top 25 dairy herds according to the Herd Management Score (HMS)/Herd Performance Index (HPI). “We are proud to recognize the remarkable work of dairy farmers in terms of herd management. It was important for us to underline their exceptional dedication, especially this year with all the challenges brought by the pandemic,” says Lactanet’s Chair, Barbara Paquet.


Lactanet Recognizes Impactful Work and Sets the Path Forward

Lactanet Canada’s Ontario Region Annual General Meeting (AGM), held on January 13, 2021, was both impactful and encouraging to the future of a vibrant dairy industry. Lactanet Director, Korb Whale facilitated the virtual event in conjunction with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) AGM.


National Dairy Cattle Traceability Program Launches

Lactanet Canada today announced the launch of DairyTracethe national dairy cattle traceability program for dairy farmers in Canada. Designed and built to be a centralized national system for the management of all dairy cattle traceability data, DairyTrace will provide protection, prosperity and peace of mind to the Canadian dairy industry in the event of an animal health emergency.


Service Emergency Response Levels by Province

Lactanet Canada is proud to recognize excellence in dairy herd management by releasing the Canadian Top 25 Herds, based on the 2019 Herd Management Score results. The evaluation was completed at a national level amongst a total of more than 6,500 herds. DETAILS

Holstein Canada and Lactanet are excited to announce the launch of Compass, a free online software that helps Canadian producers make profitable decisions in an industry constantly in flux. Developed in collaboration with Zoetis, Compass is an advancement in herd management, with current and projected genetic information freely available to all Canadian dairy farmers.

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Lactanet Achieves Historic Milestone

ORI robot sampler

Lactanet Canada recently achieved an historic milestone by enrolling its 100,000th cow from robotic systems, on milk recording. With about 700,000 cows total on milk recording in the country, robotic herds have become an important and sizeable segment for Lactanet.

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Today a progressive new partnership in the dairy industry was announced to come into effect on June 3rd, 2019. CanWest DHI, Valacta and Canadian Dairy Network will work together at the management of the new organization known as Lactanet Canada.

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